Fields of Competence

Here you will find all informations about the fields of competence of the IIS-Chair.

Enterprise Systems

In this research area, questions concerning the use of (modified) standard systems are dealt with.

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Technology acceptance

This field of research deals with the acceptance and the associated intensity of use of new technologies.

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Big Data/Business Intelligence (BI)

This research area deals with the storage and evaluation possibilities of the ever-increasing amount of data.

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Impact of IT-systems

This research area deals with the stronger need for integration of domains and application systems.

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Price-, assortment- and promotion-management

This research area deals with issues such as assortment, price and promotion as central decision-making problems for any retail company.

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Information modelling

This research area deals with the requirements of information modelling and their adequate fulfillment

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Transformation management

This research area deals with the analyisability of companies with regard to existing methods and instruments, as well as the manifold optimization potentials and their representability in IT systems.

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New Architectures for enterprise systems

This research area deals with new architectures for real-time information processing are dealt with

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NeuroIS - Neuroscience in Information Systems

NeuroIS defines a research field in which neuroscientific methods and knowledge are applied to information systems research.

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