Management of Large Enterprise Systems

The scope of this module relies in large enterprise systems. The focus lies especially on the management of these systems. On this account, it is further concentrated on the selection, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise systems. Selected problems that relate to management aspects are additionally explained to students.




Winter term



Qualification goals

The students

  • can explain the concept of large enterprise systems
  • know and understand the involved management fields 
  • can name and compare products in the field of enterprise systems 
  • are familiar with problems and solutions for the introduction and maintenance of enterprise systems.
  • will be able to explain and assess various problems of enterprise systems management
  • can apply the content they have learned in a practical case study.


  • large enterprise systems – definition
  • enterprise systems-architectures
  • management of enterprise systems: complexity management, application lifecycle management
  • choice of enterprise systems
  • implementation (template approach, system landscape)
  • integration management (project management, test management, CR-Management, development management, roll-out-Management, change and training management)
  • Service of enterprise systems
  • selected Enterprise Systems management issues
  • case studies


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Method of assessment

Final exam (usually 60 minutes)