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Our chair offers a variety of selected topics of our research domain that can be worked on by students. Announcements of these topics and corresponding deadlines are presented on the WISEM-website. The objective of seminars is to get students to the state where they become acquainted with a given topic and can present their scientific theses.

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Participation in the WISEM process of the department Business Informatics

The IIS Chair participates in the allocation and processing of seminar papers in the WISEM process in the field of Business Informatics.
All necessary information on the topics offered and on the application and processing process can be found on the WISEM website.

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Here you will find all topics for seminars at the IIS-Chair.

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Here you will find all seminars currently in progress at the IIS-Chair.

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Completed seminars

Here you will find all completed seminars of the IIS-Chair.

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