Transformation of enterprise systems

Here you will find all informations about the completed research project "transformation of enterprise systems".


The digitalization and the connected digital transformation of different industries is an intense discussed topic. Because of the relevance for the practice this topic is viewed from the perspective of the Business Informatics.

This research project focused on a subarea of the digital transformation research.

In the context of the transformation of an enterprise the Business Informatics has an important role for the conception, development and the roll-out of information systems. Those transformation projects are often complex and associated with various challenges. But we are missing literature that deals with those tasks.

As a foundation of this projects an observing and participating research approach was used, to analyse the worldwide implementation of an enterprise systems architecture in an enterprise.

Two topic areas will be analysed in detail:

  • Roll-out-management

In the context of the roll-out-management we want to analyse, how the process can be designed to reach the intended goals. Therefore challenges and success criteria will be identified. Because of the individual characteristics of projects, which is enhanced through the degree of decentralisation of the organisation, the results of this research will be put into the context of the findings.

  • Project management tasks during the roll-out-management

This research area focuses on the project management which is very important during the roll-out of a solution in different regions with differing requirements. We distinguish between two different ways of the project accounting. On the one hand there is implementation accounting, which is underrepresented in todays’ literature, and focuses on the supervision of the project status and the effects of the project in comparison to the intended goals. A documentation of the intended effects in very important in this context to enable a holistic evaluation of the project. On the other hand we have to analyse the contractual relationship between the retail organisation and the service provider. This facet focuses on the contractual relationship between principal and agent. Further we want to analyse the possibilities and necessity of an integration of this fundamental problem intro the methodology of the implementation accounting.

Goal of this project is to analyse, how the roll-out-management during the implementation of large enterprise systems can be designed. During this approach the different challenges and success factors will be analysed and documented. This is the foundation for the development of possible solutions for the best possible design of the roll-out-management.

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