Evaluation and implementation of a prototype for information and data procurement in the context of price and promotion management

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Because of the high concentration in the German food retailing industry, the competition between retailers is tough. Therefore, trying to attract customers in the above described mar- ket situation by marketing campaigns and marketing strategies is essential. With pro- motions, companies try to lure customers inside their supermarket, so that they do their regular purchase, in addition to buying the promotional goods. Because of the increasing impact of IT innovations in the daily business, IT innovations are even able to create new market structures. As a result, hardly any retailer can renounce on dis- count campaigns and the support of IT, to stay competitive. With this project we want to address the above described problem by thinking about data, that can have an im- pact on consumers behaviour and about a suitable software solution, which both entail the influence in companies’ turnover. 

Our goal is to support the desired state for retailers in offering the right products, at the right time, to the right price and in the right amount, by thinking about external data that have an influence on consumer behaviour. In addition, we want to investi- gate how this data can be extracted by its source and transformed in a useful way, resulting in the following research questions:

1. Which external data could be used to enhance sales turnover in price and pro- motion management?

2. Howcandatabegatheredfromtheirwebsources?

We developed a prototype that can extract specific information from web pages. In addition, the prototype is able connect with an Enterprise Resource System, by trans- forming and storing that information in SAP HANA. For realising the prototype, our goal is to indicate which external data in general can have an influence on consumer behaviour and to prioritize our findings. The next step, is to select data web sources that can be used by the prototype, for improving promotion and price management.

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