Retail Enterprise Systems

This lecture deals with current topics of integrated IT-systems. At this juncture highly topical developments are discussed both in Business Informatics Research and practice.




Winter term



Qualification goals

The students

  • are able to explain the peculiarities of the domain "Trade"
  • will be able to explain retail enterprise systems as a domain-specific case of an enterprise system and distinguish it from other enterprise systems.
  • will understand the differentiation of the scope of tasks in retail enterprise systems and will be able to reproduce it
  • know the components of retail enterprise systems and can present and explain them in a structured way
  • can compare and contrast specific differences between logistics and financial systems
  • can describe the specifics of introducing Retail Enterprise Systems based on products from individual technology suppliers
  • can apply the content they have learned in a practical case study.


  • trade and commercial enterprise
  • retail enterprise systems - definition
  • task-oriented development on the basis of a domain-specific architecture
  • architectures and products of technology suppliers
  • selected solution problems at retail enterprise systems
  • introduction of retail enterprise systems
  • retail enterprise systems in the maintenance phase


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Method of assessment

Final exam (usually 90 minutes).


The examination cannot be taken if "Ausgewählte Themen von integrierten Informationssystemen" has already been passed.