Here are all the impressions of the students from the IIS Chair.

We care about the opinions of our students!


Jan Markgraf

"The lecturers and tutorials of the IIS chair are very interesting for those students, who want to learn more about the digital transformation and large enterprise systems. Both topics have a huge influence for the future practice. Further those topics will be connected to actual cases of real enterprises through the experience of the lecturers. If you find those topics interesting you can seize the opportunity to write your thesis, seminar paper or conduct projects at the IIS chair. I did it and received a very good support from the staff."


Annika Graf

"As a student of Business Informatics the IIS chair is very interesting, because it covers current and relevant topics of the digital transformation. Further the lecturers and tutorials are very practical, since case studies and guest lecturers are often a part of those. You can also write your seminar papers and thesis at this chair. The topics for those are often relevant and distributed over many different possibilities; the exploration of a topic for you thesis is very individual and easy. During the process you can receive a very good support."


Anja Ripkens

"The Chair for Business Informatics and Integrated Information Systems is very interesting for me personally, because it focuses on the hot topic of the digital transformation. Further the chair promotes a practical context of the topic. During the lecturers and tutorials you can work with interesting case studies, listen to guest lecturers or work together with enterprises during your thesis or projects. During my bachelor thesis I conducted an empirical study, because the relevancy of the digital transformation offers the possibility to start your own research. During this I always get support from my supervisor." 


Arda Cayci

"It fascinated me that the Chair for Business Informatics and Integrated Information Systems put a focus on the topic of the digital transformation. Because I have a personal interest for this topic I decided to write my bachelor thesis at this chair. I never regret that decision because of the excellent support I received. The supervisor gave me the feeling that he had an interest for my thesis and therefore support me very well. Because of this I can suggest ever student, who has an interest for one of the research topics of the chair, to write your thesis here." 


Kevin Rensinghoff

"The thing I find most interesting about the IIS chair is that it covers the topic of the digitalization and the connected transformation of enterprises. As a part of the offered modules you can find an insight into practical cases through case studies, beside the theoretical foundations. You can also get a first look into SAP, which is very important for students of the Business Informatics field, in my opinion. I can only report positive things about the time I wrote my bachelor thesis at this chair: I could always contact my supervisor and always got good feedback." 


Anika Nissen

"In comparison to other chairs the advantage of the IIS chair is that the staff puts a focus on more practical experience during your time at the university. The IIS-Talents programme is an excellent opportunity for students to get in contact with enterprises. Beside this programme the lectures often get connected with practical experience of the docent. Further you can write your thesis or work on projects at this chair, during this time the supervisors always try to offer the best possible support. When you have question about the lecturers or tutorials you can always find a nice team that tries to answer all of them."


Emrah Pisiricioglu

"The from the IIS-chair offered topics for your thesis and seminar papers are connected to the latest developments and innovations of the world of integrated information systems. A subject area I am very interested in is the digitalization of enterprise ressources as well as processes that are based on information systems. Because of that I have decided to conduct my bachelor project and bachelor thesis at the IIS-chair. During my project and my thesis I received a good support and constructive feedback."


Martin Bozdev

"During my studies I already conducted my seminar paper and bachelor project at the IIS-chair. A research field that is relevant for most humans and therefore amazes me is the ‘Digital Transformation’. The actual topic of my thesis was discussed individually with my supervisor. Even though the finding of a topic should be done by the students, the academic staff helps you with this process. This process can require some time, but in the end this leads to a topic that fits the interests of the student. Based on this good foundation it should be no problem to work on the interesting and exiting bachelor thesis. The engagement and interest for my topic from the supervisor helps to reach a good result."