Shopping Basket Analysis in the Retail Industry

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The goal of this project is to investigate algorithms for a shopping basket analysis, as initial step towards a autmate dynamic pricing, make a well-grounded recommendation about the best suited one and to show its potential in a software prototype. In the course of reaching this goal, several characteristics will be developed and used as a measurement for the suitability of the algorithms for the practice. The goal is to create a theoretical foundation on which researchers and practitioners can rely on for future tasks. The best algorithm should be applicable for a potential user without the need to understand it in detail. At the end of the project, there will be a usable application of the chosen algorithm, that can be used to display the algorithms results. This application will be implemented as a web application, which has the advantage that it is independent from operating systems or locations.

From the technical standpoint, analyzing a big amount of data with Microsoft Excel or is not suitable anymore. Today, an analysis in real time is often demanded. Therefore, the prototype will have access to a SAP HANA database, where the data will be queried from and which allows real time analysis. Users of the prototype could get a competitive advantage over retailers without the use of a shopping basket analysis.

To gain the theoretical knowledge, our group will conduct research through a literature review. The starting point was the introductive lecture the chair provided. Afterwards we used forward and backward search to find more scientifically proven articles about basket shopping analysis12. We considered articles published in high ranked journals, to secure a satisfying quality. Classified as satisfying quality were journals with a rating of B or better in the rating system of Jourqual13. Using databases like EBSCO Host or Business Source Complete will generate the input for the literature analysis. We search for any sorts of methods and techniques concerning the shopping basket analysis. The more methods we find, the better will be our results.

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