Big Data/Business Intelligence (BI)

In this field of research, questions concerning the storage and evaluation possibilities of the ever-increasing amount of data are dealt with.


The digitalization leads to the effect that enterprises and their environment create more and more data. The “EMC Digital Universe” study says that the amount of data doubles every two years. Because of the exponential growth, enterprises are facing new challenges. Beside the problem about how to store the vast amount of data, other questions arise which are in a need of a scientific discussion. The starting hype of the Big Data possibilities lead to enormous expectations, even though there are still many challenges that have to be faced for a successful use in the environment of enterprises. In this context, we need to focus on the strategic, organizational and technical impact as well as the possibilities of Big Data usage in enterprises. The goal of Big Data and Business Intelligence is to gain new knowledge through the analysis of existing data and therefore support the decision making of the management. 

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