Di, 07. Mär. 2023   Seufert, Sarah

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Promotion, Anika!

Wir gratulieren unserer langjährigen Mitarbeiterin Anika zur bestandenen Promotion!

Anika Nissen wird ihre Tätigkeit bei uns am Lehrstuhl zum Ende des Monats beendet und wird dann eine PostDoc-Stelle an der Fernuni Hagen am Lehrstuhl für Betriebs­wirtschafts­lehre, insbe­son­dere betriebliche Anwen­dungs­systeme bei Prof. Dr. Smolnik annehmen.

Wir wünschen ihr alles Gute für ihre Zukunft und bedanken uns für die schönen gemeinsamen Jahre am Lehrstuhl!


Das Thema ihrer Promotion: Investigations Along the eCommerce User Journey - A NeurolS Approach with fNIRS to Better Understand User Experience


The identification and satisfaction of user needs in business-to-consumer ecommerce is crucial to elicit positive experiences and establish loyalty toward the business. One major interface to the consumer is the website of the business, which can impact the user and customer experience throughout the whole journey. Current approaches that aim to measure user experience (UX) and related constructs have significant shortcomings and are often not able to uncover spontaneous processes in website users. Related neuroIS research proposes that a great part of behavior is formed by these spontaneous processes and that the utilization of additional, neurophysiological measurements can help to uncover these processes and better understand user behavior.
Therefore, and to address the shortcomings of common UX measurements in ecommerce, this cumulative thesis presents 6 essays along different UX phases being pre-use, during-use, and post-/repeated-use of the ecommerce website. As a means to assess the spontaneous, potentially unconscious processes, the neuroimaging method fNIRS is utilized in the included essays. Across all papers, several responses to website design factors across UX phases could be identified on the neural level. The complementing self-reported data could reveal these effects only to a certain degree. Consequently, this thesis shows the contribution of neuroimaging (fNIRS) to UX investigation on ecommerce websites to better understand users, which helps to optimize website design and thus, UX.